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Lizzy McAlpine's "Older" finally came out on April 5th, and she did not let us down. The 6th song on the album, "Staying," features piano, and some really juicy chords.

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What key is "Staying" in by Lizzy McAlpine?

"Staying" is in the key of B major, and features some really surprising chords. She never modulates, but does use borrowed chords from other keys, like II-7(b5) and IV-6.

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Staying Lyrics

Whisper to me, baby

I'm too far gone to care

I wish I could have said what I meant when it was right there

Now I'm laying in bed with you

And you're falling asleep

How can you look so peaceful

When you know I'm gonna leave?

What happens when you love me dry?

I give myself to help you get by

I keep on lying and sweating at night

Hold me until someone sends me a sign

Maybe I would be okay

If I let this go forever

Send it into space and watch the planets turn

Maybe I will some day

Let this go forever

Hold me until I find the nerve

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