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Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, is a prominent American singer-songwriter known for her distinctive voice, cinematic sound, and nostalgic aesthetic. Born in New York City, Lana rose to prominence in 2011 with her breakthrough single "Video Games," which garnered widespread acclaim for its haunting melody and emotive lyrics. She subsequently released her debut studio album, "Born to Die," which received commercial success and critical praise.

Throughout her career, Lana has continued to captivate audiences with her introspective songwriting, often exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and Americana. Her discography includes albums such as "Ultraviolence," "Honeymoon," and "Lust for Life," each showcasing her evocative storytelling and lush production.

Lana Del Rey's music is characterized by its dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including pop, rock, and indie. She has collaborated with various artists and producers, further expanding her artistic vision and pushing creative boundaries.

Beyond her music, Lana Del Rey's persona is often associated with vintage glamour and melancholic romanticism, creating a distinct aesthetic that resonates with her fans, known affectionately as "Angels." She continues to be a prominent figure in contemporary music, captivating audiences with her timeless allure and emotive performances.

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